Two Years with Spider and the Gang

This September marked the completion of two full years for me writing and illustrating Spider & the Gang, the comic strip that runs along the page bottoms of each issue of Spider Magazine. Above is the strip to flick through from the October, 2013 issue. It's one of the first strips after I switched from pencil to pen and ink for the final art.

My task each issue is to write a comic strip story to include a list of words (tricky words, being defined) pulled from the articles and stories on the pages where the words appear. They are bolded in the strip above. Not easy! But it's a fun challenge. It helps that my editor Margaret Mincks and Art Director Sue Beck are really great to work with.

Spider Magazine is available in print and digital.

Made the July-August Cover for Cricket Magazine

July/August 2014 Cricket Magazine The July/August 2014 issue of Cricket.

When I first finished this painting it was very late at night and I sat and stared at it for a long time. Tired and with deadline looming, I became convinced this bug was just too strange and scary. So, the next morning, I immediately painted this completely different bug. But then when it came time to send it off, seeing it with fresh eyes, I just felt the first one was funnier. In the end, I shelved the alternative and sent the original. Right choice? Here's the full wrap-around art with the payoff joke on back:

July/August 2014 Cricket Magazine

Incidentally, my niece Maddie is making a cameo on the back cover as the irritated red head captured in the jar. What's up, Maddie!

July/August 2014 Cricket Magazine

Cricket Magazine is great and available by subscription or on sale at your local bookstore.

Jingle the Brass Game App Released

Jingle the Brass Game App

Secret Builders has recently released a game app adapted from Jingle the Brass for you train fans out there, available for both iPad and Android. Just 99 cents. All aboard!

Android version
iPad and iPhone version

The Latest Frieda B.

Frieda must tame the wild Zillabeast in her newest adventure from Renata Bowers. And she manages to meet some well-loved fairytale characters along the way.

Frieda B. and the Zillabeast

Copies of the hardcover first edition are available at Frieda B.'s site. It's a fun place with lots of great stuff.

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